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About us

We are a youth sporting clays team that operates through the effort of volunteers, including our highly trained coaches, and the generosity of our supporters. We operate under the Scholastic Clay Target Program (SCTP) which provides young people with a positive experience in the shooting sports. We are excited to be celebrating 10 years for the Lawrence County Young Guns. Our youth sporting clays team was first established in 2012 and we now have over 46 athletes.

2022 Rules and Regulations

  1. Athletes must read and understand all range rules of the Lawrence County Sportsman's Association. The Following are just a few key reminders:​​

    • Firearms MUST remain unloaded with breach open on pumps and autoloaders, and broke open on double barrels and over and unders at all times unless you are in stand.​

    • Keep firearms pointed in a safe direction at ALL times whether loaded or unloaded.

    • Eye and Hearing protection is required by all shooters and spectators while on the range.

  2. Lawrence County Young Guns coaches are volunteers and are giving up their time to be here to help you. Be respectful and give them your undivided attention.​

  3. Athletes are not permitted cell phones on the course.

  4. During practice times; athletes and immediate family are the ONLY  ones permitted on the course. 

  5. Golf carts ARE NOT for personal pleasurer or recreation. Speeding, reckless driving, and horseplay is not permitted.

  6. The Lawrence County Sportsmen's Association has been extremely generous to the Lawrence County Young Guns. Be respectful of their grounds and equipment, and if given the opportunity, please thank a board member when you see them.

Lawrence County Young Guns Safety Rules


Always Keep the Gun Pointed in a Safe Direction

  • Never point at or swing a gun past a person.

  • Guns should be placed in a rack when not in use.

  • Double barrel guns (over / under and side by sides) must be broken open and carried over the shoulder with the barrels pointing forward at the ground.

  • Pump and semiautomatic guns must have the action open and carried with the muzzle pointing vertically.

  • All firearms must be transported with the muzzle pointing vertically.


Always Keep the Gun Unloaded Until You Are at the Shooting Location and Ready to Shoot

  • In the stand for sporting clays and the indicated location for trap and skeet.

  • Only load the number of shells you are going to shoot.

  • Never load more than two shells at a time.


Always Keep Your Finger off of the Trigger Until You Are Ready to Shoot


Always Treat Every Gun as if Were Loaded

Lawrence County Young Guns Bylaws

View our current bylaws (PDF)

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